Celebrate island life every day at Tug Eatery, where a magnificent waterfront patio is our defining attraction. The 3000-square-foot patio is adorned with lush gardens and provides an exciting view of the working inner harbour.


Enjoy a happy hour cocktail and a savoury snack while you watch kayakers float by or get a front row view of the Johnson Street Bridge being raised. Located at the Mermaid Wharf on Swift Street, Tug Eatery features tasty cocktails, cold craft beer, an expertly curated wine list, and a food menu with addictive flavour profiles.


As a locally-owned and operated restaurant, Tug Eatery believes that supporting our local community and creating symbiotic relationships with other local businesses is key to a successful neighbourhood economy. Tug Eatery is focused on supporting local food suppliers, breweries, distilleries, small businesses and musicians. Featuring live acoustic music throughout the week,Tug is quickly becoming Victoria's newest not-so-hidden gem. Drop by, soak in the view, stay a while. Tug Eatery — the best of where we live.